40 people feared dead as a boat capsizes on Volta Lake

On the Volta Lake, 40 people are believed to be dead after a boat carrying them crashed due to a storm.


The boat was crossing the lake from Tongor-Dzemeni in the Volta Region’s South Dayi District to Havorkope in the Eastern Region’s Kwahu Afram Plains North District when the storm struck, causing the accident.


The South Dayi District Police Commander, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Nii Charles Otoo Quaye, acknowledged the event to the Ghana News Agency (GNA), but stated it happened beyond his authority.


Mr. John Kofi Abbery, an elder in Tongor-Dzemeni, who visited the area shortly after the event, reported that close to 30 dead had been recovered from the river at the time of his visit, with the majority of the casualties being women and students returning home for the Easter holiday.


“If you aren’t a male, you won’t be able to notice the bodies, which are numerous.” “This is excruciating,” he said.


Miss Golo Doh Benedicta, a 16-year-old survivor who spoke to the GNA over the phone from Havorkope, claimed the incident happened between 1600 and 1700 hours on April 14.


When the storm hit, she stated the boat’s outboard motor went out and water began to enter.


“Some of us were screaming, while others were crying, lamenting, and pleading with God for help since the boat was sinking,” she claimed, characterizing the scene as “horrific.”


She claimed she hopped onto one of the boat’s boards and was floating on the water’s surface before being rescued by another boat and some other passengers.


“I lived by grace, I actually saw my death, I couldn’t do anything,” she added, adding that the boat was carrying fertilizers and drinks among other things. I was terrified and crying, yet I am grateful to God for preserving my life.”


Mr Mawuta Kpetigo, a Havorkope teacher who also confirmed the incident, said search operations were still underway to recover the remaining bodies.


“My elder sister is also among the casualties,” he stated, “but her body has yet to be discovered, so we are currently hunting for her and other bodies.”


Mr Kpetigo stated that more than 500 distraught members of the community gathered at the beach while the search proceeded.


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