Trending photo of schoolkid who sent bowl of fufu to Our Day

The closing party held in elementary schools at the end of each term is referred to as Our Day in Ghana. Students see these days as exceptional since their parents typically treat them well by providing them with food and beverages.

They dress to impress, arrive at school earlier than normal, and occasionally dance all night long.

These celebrations actually mark the end of a period during which they were permitted to remain at home, assist their parents, and take a break.

However, if you happen to attend “Our Day” with a meal that is out of the ordinary, like fufu, you will undoubtedly make the news.

In this manner, a schoolboy who was photographed eating Fufu and using his left hand to pick his teeth became well-known.

The boy’s receptive attitude has made him popular on social media, in addition to the fact that he was eating fufu instead of rice meals like most of his coworkers.

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