A gay bar bouncer faces murder charges, for beating an expelled bar patron.

Police said Wednesday that a bouncer at a gay bar in Philadelphia is being sought for third-degree murder after allegedly beating an expelled guest who later died.


According to a police statement, the 41-year-old victim was assaulted in the head and hit his head on the sidewalk after being led out of the establishment for being inebriated.


An arrest warrant had been issued in the case, according to Deputy Police Commissioner Ben Naish, and the suspect was expected to turn himself in or be taken into jail soon. Kenneth Frye, a 24-year-old Philadelphia man, was later identified by police.


“It’s upsetting whenever there’s an unjustified attack,” Naish said, adding that he had not heard of any previous complaints about the LGBT bar’s security personnel and declining to comment on the circumstances.


Officials said the incident occurred shortly before 1 a.m. on April 16 in front of the Tabu Lounge and Sports Bar. According to authorities, the man was rushed to the hospital in severe condition and died on Saturday.


WTXF-TV video shows a man being dragged outside and then dancing on the pavement in front of a vanishing bouncer. The man turns to face the street and, while still dancing, approaches a vehicle and appears to grasp for it before turning and walking toward the bouncer, who punches him.


The bouncer was not a bar employee, according to one of the bar’s owners, Jeffrey Sotland of The Philadelphia Inquirer. In a statement, the bar also clarified that the incident did not occur on its premises. Officials say the supervisors quickly dialed 911 after learning about the incident and are assisting with the investigation.

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