A lot of pastors came to me for spiritual assistance — Nana Agradaa reveals

Nana Agradaa, a fetish priestess turned evangelist, has described how pastors from all across the country came to her shrine for spiritual abilities to help them establish their churches.


Some of the pastors who were close supporters while she was a priestess have suddenly turned against her, according to Abeiku Santana in an interview earlier this week.


They are miserable, she claims, and are threatened by her newfound trust in God.


“I was taught by a godly man who also baptized me. For a year, I was in intensive training. I was learning the things in the bible even when I was in my shrine, but I hadn’t gone public yet. True Christians are ecstatic about my conversion.


“”Some Ghanaian pastors who once backed me as a fetish priestess are furious that I have accepted Christ and are still attacking me,” she said.


She also added that she is unwilling to go back in time or expose these well-known pastors who came to her for spiritual support.


“When I was a fetish priestess, a lot of pastors came to me for help; I just don’t want to reveal them now that I’m a new creation.” It is unnecessary to discuss people’s pasts. It makes no difference if people don’t think I’ve been reborn.


“God summoned me, and He is the only one I respect. I work for God, not for man; if that were the case, I would have remained in my shrine. “I’m working on my project,” she stated.


Evangelist Mama Pat, as she is now known, is a preacher who just formed a church in Accra where she teaches the Bible and also prophecies to Christians, despite the skepticism of many.

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