A mother and her 6-year-old daughter gang raped in moving car after being offered lift

According to the authorities, a group of guys who provided a mother and her daughter, who was six years old, a ride home in northern India gang-raped the mother and the girl.


The two women agreed to the men’s promise that they would drive them back from the holy site of Piran Kaliyar, which is located on the banks of the Ganga Canal in Roorkee, in the state of Uttarakhand. This site is revered by both Muslims and Hindus.


The superintendent of police for the area, Pramendra Doval, stated that the alleged driver, who was only identified as Sonu, already had passengers in the van when they picked up the unnamed women.


According to NDTV’s report, the mother stated that she was unable to provide an accurate count of the number of guys that were traveling in the vehicle; all she knew was that the driver was known as Sonu among his peers.


According to the police, Sonu and the other guys then raped the woman and her daughter as they were riding in the moving car before abandoning them close to the canal.


The mother made her way to a police station in the area, where she filed a report about the gang rape that had occurred.


After that, she and her daughter were transported to the Roorkee Civil Hospital, where the medical staff determined that a sexual assault had taken place.

The police have not been successful in locating the suspect, but they have stated that their investigations are still underway.


The horrifying act comes after a gang raped a 13-year-old girl in the neighboring state of Uttar Pradesh a month ago, with the officer she reported it to raping her again after she told him about it.


After being discovered to be evading capture, Station House Officer Tilakdhari Saroj was taken into custody.


The draconian Protection of Children from Sexual Offenses Act (POCSO), which established life sentences for convicts of child rape, was used as the legal basis for the charges brought against Saroj.


According to the findings of a recent survey conducted by World Vision India, as many as half of the country’s youngsters have been victims of sexual assault.


POCSO was established in the wake of the 2012 gang rape of Jyoti Singh, who was 22 years old and was carried out by six men on a bus in New Delhi, including the driver.


That event provoked demonstrations all around the country.


Every single one of the six criminals was found guilty. One of them committed suicide inside bars, four of them were put to death, and the sixth one, a juvenile, was set free in 2015.


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