A Nigerian was fined GH.3000 for impersonating as a Ghanaian in order to obtain a Ghana ID card

A Nigerian was sentenced to a fine of 250 penalty units, or GH3,000, by the Asokore Mampong District Magistrate Court.

Usman Emmanuel will be sentenced to 6 months in prison if he does not pay the fine.


Usman Emmanuel, a native of Sawaba in Kumasi, deceived the authorities by posing as a Ghanaian in order to obtain a Ghana Card.


Usman had a Ghanaian Birth Certificate, had gone through the registration process, and was waiting for the Ghana Card, according to the National Identification Authority (NIA) in a press release announcing the arrest.


“At this time, the NIA’s Ashanti Region Regional Registration Officer (RRO) felt the applicant was not a Ghanaian.” For further inquiry, the RRO swiftly handed him over to the Police CID in Adum, Kumasi.


Despite having a genuine Ghanaian Birth Certificate, Usman Emmanuel was not a Ghanaian, according to the March 13 announcement.

NIA Secures Conviction
NIA Secures Conviction

The defendant was then arraigned and charged with violating section 17 (C) of the National Identification Authority Act 707 by submitting false information about himself (Act 2006).


The court judged him guilty of the crime at the conclusion of the trial.


Meanwhile, the National Identification Authority praised the Police Service for investigating and prosecuting the crime in such a timely and efficient manner.


“Any foreign national, legally resident in Ghana, and with a valid resident permit can register for the Non-Citizen Card, which is granted at various designated facilities across the country, including the NIA Headquarters,” according to the NIA.


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