Accra: ECG disconnects power at Law Courts Complex over ₵900k bill arrears

The electricity supply to Accra’s Law Courts Complex has been cut off by the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG).


According to coversourcenews sources, the courts owe the electricity distribution firm GH900,000.00 in tariffs.


The separation occurred on Monday, June 20, 2022.


The entire property was blacked out when the news crew arrived.


Court proceedings were in session, and judges and other court personnel were perspiring heavily.


They had opened the windows to allow some fresh air into the courts.


The only place that appeared to have power was the law school, which has a power plant.


Some intelligence gathered by the reporting team on the grounds indicates that the complex originally had post-paid meters, which have now been replaced with prepaid meters.


However, the ECG has stated that they will not return the power until all outstanding bills are paid.


The team’s investigation also discovered that judges had brought printers from the courts to their homes to print documents for court hearings.


Watch the video below to see what was going on in the facility while there was no power.

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