Afia Schwar accuses Nana Tornado of sleeping with a popular pastor

The long-running feud between Afia Schwar and Nana Tornado was reignited over the weekend after the latter threatened to release the bedroom tapes of the former’s son, who is thought to be gay.

About three months ago, Nana Tornado made the outrageous claim online that James Schwar, Afia Schwar’s son, is gay and seduces other men for money and favors. If Afia Schwar keeps attacking him, he also threatened to go nuclear on social media by posting some of the atopa videos of James being beaten by another man.


Yesterday morning, Nana Tornado sent James, who turned 21 together with his twin brother John, a distressing birthday letter.

In a new video, Afia Schwar, who previously refuted Nana Tornado’s horrifying claims that her kid is gay, goes off on her well-known foe.


Afia Schwar asserts that Nana Tornado, not her son James, is the one who is homosexual.


Afia Schwar viciously argued in this new video’s rage that Nana Tornado sleeps with a well-known preacher in order to survive because he is impoverished and makes money by selling his body.


She proceeded by saying that after blackmailing him, the pastor even paid him Ghc 30,000 to have his automobile released from the port.


Afia Schwar, who was furious, also dared Nana Tornado to delete the bedroom recordings and photos if his claims that her son is gay are accurate.


Watch the video below below :

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