Ajagurjah exposes occultic ladies who use sperm for money rituals

Some occultic women are now using sperm for money rituals, according to Bishop Kwabena Asiamah, also known as the “chop bar pastor,” who made this chilling revelation online.

The majority of the women driving fancy cars around town, in accordance with the spiritualist, are members of the dangerous occult organization known as “Our Lady Of The Sun.”Bishop Ajagurjah exposed their vile and wicked ways, revealing that these women steal sperm from avaricious men and use it for ritualistic money-making.


He went into great detail to explain that these women purposefully host sex parties, which is how they procure the majority of their victims.


Only fair women are accepted as members of the occultic group “Our Lady Of The Sun,” according to the man of God who appears to know more about the dealings of these occultic ladies.Most women and men have been driven by an excessive love of money down unrecoverable paths like joining occult organizations and selling their souls to the devil.


Most young people don’t want to work hard and don’t care about consistency or patience, so it’s necessary to use shortcuts to succeed by any means because they lack these qualities.

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