Akyem Aduasa: Residents lament poor road network, ‘reject’ MP

Residents of Akyem Aduasa in the Birim South District of the Eastern Region are dissatisfied with the area’s inadequate road system and have requested that the Aduasa-Akorti route be redesigned.


They said that this would promote simple transportation and increase local economic activity.


In the Birim South District, an agricultural village called Akyem Aduasa is home to mainly cocoa producers.


However, the farmers assert that the transportation of cocoa beans and other farm products from farms and producing communities is negatively impacted by the crumbling character of road networks.

In an interview with Onua TV, the farmers expressed their outrage at how dusty the roads were and their concern about potential health effects.


They have urged the government to immediately repair the terrible roads that connect the region’s numerous cocoa-growing towns.


They emphasized that when it rains, farmers in the neighborhood and other nearby areas become utterly shipwrecked and that the roads become absolutely impassable.


The local teenagers claimed in a similar manner that despite several complaints, nothing had been done to address the issue despite them having been faced with it for years.

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