All 38 casualties in Islamic SHS incident discharged

Following the police violence that took place at the Islamic Senior High School on Monday, the remaining 16 kids who were hospitalized as a result of the incident have all been released from the hospital.


According to the Deputy Education Minister, the total number of students who have been discharged from various hospitals as of Tuesday, June 14, brings the total number of students who have returned to school to continue their academic work up to 38. These students have all returned to school to continue their studies.


Reverend Ntim Fordjour revealed this information to the media and expressed his gratitude to the personnel of the many health facilities in Kumasi as well as other stakeholders who performed a variety of roles in the transportation, facilitation, and treatment of the affected kids.


In addition, he lauded the parents of the affected kids as well as other relatives for their support and the roles they played in bringing about the establishment of a tranquil environment that allowed the students to return to school and carry on with their academic pursuits.


Reverend Fordjour was optimistic that the problems that led to the demonstrations will not resurface in the future as a result of the numerous interventions and procedures that have been put into place so far by the government and the school authorities.


He also emphasized that the exact cause of the demonstration as well as the numerous issues that led up to it would be thoroughly investigated, and that the required steps would be taken to preserve peace in the schools so that kids may remain in class and continue their education there.


In related news, the Ashanti Regional Directorate of Education has established a fact-finding committee consisting of three members to investigate the circumstances leading up to the invasion of the school by the Police. The committee will be headed by Mr. Sarfoh Kantanka, a former Regional Director of Education. This committee will report its findings to the Ashanti Regional Directorate of Education.


On Friday, the group will give Mrs. Mary Owusu Afriyie, the Regional Director of Education, their report that they have been working on.


They are to utilize the causes of the demonstration as their point of reference, as well as the root cause of the problem that led to the assault and the shooting by police personnel, evaluate the impact of both the assault and the shooting, and then offer suitable suggestions.




It should be recalled that on the previous Monday, students from the Islamic Senior High School in Kumasi began a demonstration in protest of the frequent knockdowns of students and other staff members by vehicles at the entrance of the school, which was located along the Abrepo Junction and the Barekese road.


During the protest, a team of police officers who were tasked to quell the riotous situation pounced on the students, which led to some of them receiving injuries of varying degrees. The officers were tasked to quell the riotous situation.


As a result of this, on Monday and Tuesday, the Deputy Minister for Education, Rev. John Ntim Fordjour, the Ashanti Regional Minister, the Mayor of Kumasi, and other dignitaries visited the injured students in various hospitals as well as the school to meet the student body as well as the staff.


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