All Of Sir John’s Assets Frozen

The Special Prosecutor Kissi Agyebeng has placed a freeze on all of Sir John’s assets while the investigation into how he obtained them continues. Of particular interest are certain parcels of land located within the Achimota forest reserve and the Sakumono Ramsar site.


A few days ago, the office of the special prosecutor announced that it had “begun full investigations into suspected corruption and in corruption-related offenses in respect of alleged improper and unlawful acquisition state lands at the Achimota forest enclave and Ramsar catchment at Sakumono in Accra by the former chief executive officer the forestry commission, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, alias Sir John (now deceased), and other persons.” This was in relation to


“The Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources is directed to completely assist with the OSP in the investigations,” read the statement that was signed by the Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng.


A document that was believed to be Sir John’s last will and testament was found to have been stolen, and it revealed the following pieces of land that he had given to his relatives as an indefinite gift.


Two separate parcels of land in the Ashanti Region’s Ahenema Kokoben neighborhood


Two parcels of land in Oyarifa, each with the registration number GA56921 and purchased on November 6, 2018, are referred to together as the parcels.


5.54 square kilometers of land in the Achimota Forest that is registered in the name of Jakaypros Limited


In the middle of Achimota Forest, on a piece of property that is owned by Fasoh Limited and measures 0.987 acres.


Unidentified parcel of land in the Achimota Forest that is owned in joint ownership with Charles Owusu


An unnamed parcel of property located in the Achimota forest that is owned by DML and is held in its possession.


At the Ramsar site, the 5.07-acre property known as Sakumono


There are five land parcels situated in Millennium City, Kasoa.


One piece of land with the certificate number GA60802, situated in Mempeheusem, East Legon, and purchased on December 13, 2019.


Two parcels of land of around 0.10 acres each and situated at No. 7 ARS Lane in Ogbojo, close to East Legon.


One of the vacant lots located close to the Chain Homes Estate in East Airport Hills.


A portion of land in the Adentaman District that has the number 139 assigned to its plot (aka Aviation land).


Recently, through the use of an executive instrument, about 351 acres of land on the outskirts of the Achimota forest were declassified in preparation for its release to the pre-acquisition owners, who are members of the Owoo family.


The judgment has stoked a raging discussion across the nation concerning the process by which government officials and politicians in authority seize territory belonging to state governments.


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