Angry man causes confusion at MTN office over SIM block

Several Ghanaians have taken offense at the blocking of unregistered SIM cards. Today at the MTN office, a furious man caused a scene by refusing to accept that his phone number had been blocked.


Because he had not registered his SIM card, he claimed it was unfair for MTN to block all of his incoming and outgoing calls.


The man is seen being pushed out of the building while protesting the treatment he received in a video that is going viral online.


The security had to take him away.


An irate taxi driver has commandeered social media trends with this bizarre solution to the urgent problem of ongoing mandatory sim card registration, which has become a national topic for several months.


This unnamed taxi driver, who travels in a Kia Picanto, broke into an MTN office this morning and yelled at the company for blocking his sim card.



The angry taxi driver claims that even though he hasn’t properly registered his sim, MTN shouldn’t prevent him from placing and receiving calls. He requested that his number be restored so that he can call and be called.


He got into an argument with some of the customer service representatives who wouldn’t reactivate his number for him, then he got into his car and pulled out a bottle of Schnapps.


He changed in full view of everyone before crossing to the opposite side of the street to curse the customer service representatives as well as MTN as a whole.


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