Another game boy gunned down over money

The street is hot, and some unidentified criminals just shot dead another Game Boy for supposedly sitting on their money. Even though the nature of their business is unlawful, everyone gets to receive a piece of the money when they cash out, but some individuals who think of themselves as “Chairmen” keep the money to themselves.


According to the agreement, these “Chairmen” are supposed to collect their cut and then send the remaining funds to the individual who originated the arrangement, but this rarely occurs.


These game boys can go to any lengths for their money right now since the street is hot and they are not willing to play jokes with it.


See the post  below:

Another game boy gunned down over money
Another game boy gunned down over money

This occurs shortly after Kwabena Asumadu alias T-lanez was similarly assassinated in a similar manner for the same motive a few weeks prior.

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