By December, Sasso Spray will be Ghc100, and we will put our faith in God.” – Efia Odo laments

Andrea Owusu, also known in the entertainment industry as Efia Odo, a Ghanaian media celebrity, has reacted to the newest news regarding the E-Levy and the country’s general troubles.


After weeks of back and forth, the contentious E-levy was approved, and Efia Odo was one of the notable persons who reacted to it.


She responded on Instagram, where she has a verified account, with the following message:


“We’re putting our faith in God.” From 11 cedis in December 2021 to 27 cedis in March 2022, the price of Sasso mosquito spray has increased. I’m confident it’ll be 100 cedis by the end of the year.”


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