CCTV: How Ghanaian taxi driver, Gyimah Kutin, was lynched in the US

The murder of the Ghanaian cab driver in the US was captured on closed-circuit television. Gyimah Kutin, a 52-year-old taxi driver, reportedly had five passengers jump him after he allegedly refused to pay the fare.


The incident that occurred on Saturday, August 14, in Queens, New York, has resulted in the arrest of three people.


As the prosecution process begins, the police have revealed new CCTV photographs outlining what occurred on that day.


Two men and three women are seen attacking the driver on the pavement in the video provided by the New York Police Department.


During the beating, one of the men struck the driver forcefully, knocking Mr. Kutin to the ground.

He seemed to have smacked his head on the floor and passed out.


The footage is been used in an effort to identify the remaining suspects.

Gyimah Kutin
Gyimah Kutin

The other footage depicts the five as they attempt to escape the police by running down an apartment building’s hallway before the five eventually escaped the scene.


He was taken to a hospital, where after the arrival of the police he was subsequently pronounced dead.


Three of the suspects have already been charged, but two more, a 15-year-old girl who is known to the NYPD and a 13-year-old girl, are wanted in connection with the event.


The arrest of the accused is wonderful news for the Ghana Mission in the US, according to Daniel Kingsley Atta Boafo, the general consul of Ghana in New York.

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