Check out 6 Ghanaian actors who have passed on in 2022

The loss of notable filmmakers in 2022 has been a bad year for Ghana’s film community.


Both seasoned actors and aspiring actors have sadly passed away as a result of long-term conditions or unforeseeable events. A list of the top six actors that passed away in 2022 has been created by

Maa Rita Bamfo

When Maa Rita Bamfo, an Efiewura actor, passed away in February, the fog of death started to gather.


Her short illness ended in death at the Ridhe Hospital.


In April 2022, she was laid to rest at a lavish ceremony.

Veteran actor Psalm Adjetefio, popularly known as TT from the sitcom “Taxi Driver,” passed away shortly after she did. On April 8, TT passed away in his Ayikuma residence due to complications from end-stage heart failure. He was 55.


His ultimate interment took place at the La public cemetery, and he was buried on June 4 in the Trade Fair Center’s forecourt.

Patrick sarfoh

Following a drowning tragedy, Patrick Safo, an actor from Kumawood, was declared dead on June 6, 2022.


After a meeting, the goodwill ambassador for UN Youth Ghana died in a swimming pool. He was 35.


At his funeral, which was held in Sal Valley Park, Kanda, behind the Jubilee House, he was laid to rest in a coffin shaped like a Bible.

Veteran performer Kwaku Danquah, often known as “Ice Kenkey,” passed away on June 9 just three days after Patrick.


The comedian who gained notoriety for his performance in “Key Soap Concert Party” passed away at the age of 57. He left a wife and four kids in his wake. On August 6, he will be laid to rest at his home in the Christian Preparatory School neighborhood in Darkuman Official Town.


Four children and a wife survived “Ice Kenkey.”


The legendary actor Osei Tutu Nyamekese’s death was officially announced, which brought more bad news to the Kumawood business.


In the wee hours of May 17, 2020, the gangster actor known as Tutu went away while he was sleeping.

He reportedly experienced a peculiar illness after returning from the USA a few months ago.


His final funeral rites were performed at Sakora Wonoo in his hometown.


He leaves behind a wife and a son.


Veteran actor Prince Yawson, also known by his stage name “Waakye,” went away in the early hours of August 2 and is the most recent death to be reported.


He spent years battling a heart condition and a stroke before passing away at the 37 Military Hospital.

In the early 2000s, Waakye rose to fame as the star of comedic films including Diabolo, Babina, and the well-known sitcom Chorkor Trotro.


He attended a Bible school in Accra and was a minister of the gospel before he passed away.

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