Christians are facilitators of corruption – Lecturer

According to Godswill Tetteh Ariikor, a lecturer in African Studies at the African University College of Communication, Ghana’s corruption is primarily due to Christians.




Despite being a Christian, Mr. Ariikor expressed his disapproval with Christians’ actions. He expressed displeasure at how many conceal their questionable behavior under the cover of Christianity.


“Even though I identify as a Christian, I frequently disagree with what Christians do. Many of us are quite concerned about how people are hiding behind Christianity and doing crimes, such as corruption, and traditionalists might not even do that, the speaker stated.He asserts that since Christians make up the majority of Ghana’s population, they are to blame if environmental degradation and corruption are widespread.


In an interview with Abraham Aidoo on Class FM, he said: “A bigger percentage of Ghanaians are Christians, so if things are not running well, there is corruption, there is littering of the environment, you can be sure that it is the Christians who are doing these things.”


He thought that traditionalists in particular wouldn’t engage in such activities because their gods would punish them if they didn’t follow moral or patriotic principles.”Traditionalists perhaps would not even do that because they believe that they must be very honest and that their god, or whatever they worship, or whatever it is, will strike them if they did not show some level of honesty or patriotism into whatever it is they’re doing,” he posited. “Therefore, to a large extent, Christianity in this part of the world is not helping us.”


Mr. Ariikor went on to say that despite maintaining their traditional religions in place of Christianity, nations like Asia, Japan, and China still have robust economy.

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