CLOGSAG’s demand for a neutrality allowance is justified, according to the Deputy Employment Minister

The Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) has demanded that the government give them a neutrality allowance, according to the Deputy Employment and Labour Relations Minister.


The allowance payment, according to Bright Wireko-Brobby, will strengthen the group’s commitment to neutrality.


He said that this prompted the group’s request for the allowance, which was granted by the government.



However, the Deputy Minister stated that the name of the allowance has not yet been finalized.



“For them, they argue that they are unable to attend any political program, as a result of which they receive nothing from the political landscape, and that they are dedicated to being neutral and will not receive any type of compensation or allowance.”


“Because they lack those things, the government must assist them in remaining impartial.” So that is the allowance that they have proposed, and we have agreed to look into it. We haven’t decided on a name for it yet, but this is the rationale.”


“They believe we should look into it and see what we can do for them so that their neutrality is strengthened or committed.” So that’s where we ended up, and we decided that it wasn’t a problem.” We’ll have a look at the form and make a payment. The only thing that matters is the payment, not the name. We believe these are our top advisers, so we’re not going to talk about it because they advise the government publicly.”


According to the Deputy Minister, the “allowance will be 20 percent of their base wage.”


On Thursday, April 21, he announced this on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show.


His remark comes after the Civil and Local Government Staff Association of Ghana (CLOGSAG) stated that it will go on strike starting today, April 21, over the government’s inability to pay its members’ neutrality allowance.


The stipend was part of a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the government on January 20, 2022, according to the Association.


CLOGSAG reported that despite official notifications and follow-ups to the Finance Ministry, the stipend has not been paid after more than three months as planned.


However, Franklin Cudjoe, the president of IMANI-Africa, has described the allowance as fake, claiming that the government is wrong to provide it.


As a result, he has demanded that it be abolished immediately.


“The fundamental premise behind civil service employment or public service job is rooted in the principle of neutrality, anonymity, and permanence,” he said in an interview. It’s erroneous, and it should be discarded immediately.”


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