Coalition of Muslim Organisations chases National Cathedral CEO

Coalition of Muslim Organizations in Ghana (COMOG) disproved claims that the government of Ghana spent state money on the construction of the National Mosque at Kanda .


In a statement released on Monday, June 13, the Coalition unequivocally refuted the allegations that they asserted had been made by the Chief Executive Officer of the National Cathedral, Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah, during an interview that aired on GTV on the previous Sunday, June 12.


“On behalf of all Muslim organizations in Ghana, we, the Coalition of Muslim Organizations in Ghana, wish to state unequivocally and without any fear or favor that not one single pesewa from the state under any political regime was contributed to the construction of the Kanda National Mosque. We wish to state this without any fear or favor.


This statement was made by the Chief Executive Officer of the National Cathedral in an effort to justify the use of over GHc25 million worth of state resources as seed money for the construction of the National Cathedral, which is currently the most contentious construction project being undertaken in Ghana.


“As a Muslim Organization with the mandate to protect the image and sanctity of Islam and the reputation of the Ummah in Ghana, we can’t tolerate such a deliberate falsehood by a high profile appointee of Dr. Opoku-Mensah’s stature when indeed, the facts do not support his claim”, portion of the statement read.


The Coalition continued by saying that, “contrary to his statement, we Muslims have rather been shortchanged in the matter of our Accra Central Mosque which was pulled down by the state, only for Government to compensate us with a bare land for that loss,” which was a response to the previous statement. The fact that we are magnanimous toward the state and are dedicated to living in peaceful cohabitation should not be misunderstood by others as a sign of weakness on our part.


Having stated their worries, the Coalition called on the CEO of the National Cathedral to apologise for his comments.


“We therefore wish to call on Dr. Paul Opoku-Mensah to come out and retract that deliberate falsehood and apologize to the entire Muslim Ummah Ghana,” the statement reads. “We wish to do so by means of this statement.” We further demand that, this rebuttal be read in the next edition of GTV Talking Point program, to correct the falsehood,” the statement added.


Below is the full statement:

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