Confusion at Okaikoi South NPP Constituency elections over alleged album change

On Thursday morning, there was chaos in Okaikoi South, as some members gathered to prevent the ruling New Patriotic Party’s constituency elections from taking place.


More than 400 names, they claim, have been removed from the constituency album.


William Sangmor, the NPP’s 1st Vice Chairman in the Okaikoi South Constituency, told Citi News that the process had not been free and fair.

Okaikoi South
Okaikoi South

“All of the delegates for the election this morning that we knew about have been changed.” Over 400 people’s identities have been removed from the album, and their photos have been modified. After completed it a long time ago, we only received the album yesterday [Wednesday], reminding us that the election is this morning. As a result, the residents of this town are working to prevent the election from taking place and to ensure that the correct thing is done.”

The election is scheduled to begin at 7:00 a.m., but given the current scenario, the setup is complete, but the people are dissatisfied, therefore they will not vote. It’s completely unjust.” Meanwhile, the police have managed to keep the mob under control, and voting has begun.

ACP Faakye Kumi, the Kaneshie Divisional Police Commander, also confirmed the arrest of those who had threatened mayhem earlier.

“As tension grows, we must maintain peace, so we will remain here until the election is over to provide protection to the people.” We have, however, made some arrests and will prosecute them according to the law.”

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