“Daddy Lumba advised me never to comment on my divorce from Pastor love” – Obaapa Christy reveals

Obaapa Christy, a famed Ghanaian gospel singer has exclusively described what transpired when she first met Daddy Lumba.

According to Obaapa Christy, she was having her hair braided at a salon in Sofoline (Kumasi) when a hairdresser informed her that a customer was waiting for her outside.

She went out to greet him/her in the hopes of exchanging pleasantries because she initially assumed it was an old acquaintance or one of her many devoted followers, but to her utter amazement, it was Daddy Lumba.


Obaapa Christy claims that Daddy Lumba paid her the unexpected visit in order to show his love and admiration for her exceptional musical talent.


Going into detail about their talk, she also disclosed that the well-known singer had once threatened to “BEAT HER” if she ever responded to discussions about her then-“unsuccessful marriage.”

The gospel singer continued by saying that she still views this as one of her most joyful and memorable days ever.


During the live conversation with Roman Fada on ATINKA FM, she also conveyed her gratitude to Daddy Lumba.


Obaapa Christy said their meeting to be one of the most treasured occasions she has ever had, and she pledged to always treat Daddy Lumba with the utmost respect.

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