Dead body discovered on Kasoa-Cape Coast highway

The Kasoa-Cape Coast Highway was dotted with a dead body when residents of Ekumfi Esuahyia woke up.


Except for a tattoo of the name Zibilla Mohammed on the victim’s arm, no more specific information about him has been discovered.


The deceased man, who was slender and fair and is thought to be from the North, was discovered by the side of the road naked and covered in horrific wounds.


Eyewitnesses who spoke with Adom News’ journalist Kofi Adjei said they think it was a hit-and-run or that his body was placed there after being slain somewhere else.


Patrick Forson, an assemblyman from the Esuahyia-Kutukwaa electoral district, said he requested that the police and the EPA examine and transport the remains.

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