Delay subtly replies to Afia Schwar’s latest insults

Afia Schwar recently accused Delay of making subtle jabs at her, which caused her to go off the rails online once more. Troublesome Afia Schwar claims that she has been watching Delay for a while and has noticed that her former boss and best friend is indirectly punching her on her Delay Show show.


Afia Schwar responded to Delay’s veiled insults by daring her to mention her name if she is a woman, in fact, the beef heavyweight champion that she claims to be.

She also pelted her with a barrage of comments, making fun of the TV host for being childless at such a young age.


Afia Schwar also pledged to force Delay to cry once more, just like she did a few months ago on live radio, in the video that has been labeled nasty by several social media users.


Delay, who is renowned for having a cool and collected manner, has indirectly responded to Afia Schwar’s criticism, saying that since she is financially more successful than her, she is not bothered by her comments.

Delay subtly replies to Afia Schwar’s latest insults
Delay subtly replies to Afia Schwar’s latest insults

Just after Afia Schwar’s smear campaign, she shared a  photo of herself on Twitter and boasted that she is a CEO and is in a league of her own, therefore Afia Schwar should stop talking. For further information, see the screenshot below.


Afia Schwar, whose career and relevance are based on pointless disputes, will undoubtedly take offense at this innocent post by Delay and viciously attack her once more.

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