Don Jazzy talks about why he prefers slim ladies to thick ladies

Don Jazzy, a song producer from Nigeria, has outlined the kind of lady he prefers.


Don Jazzy revealed his preference for thin women during a recent interview on the podcast “Is This Seat Taken?”

The head of Mavin Records said that he enjoys some skinny girls because of the shape of their adorable bulging “backside.”


He claimed that before he started dating slim women, he had the misconception that they lacked buttocks.


“You’ll think they don’t have an ass, probably. There is an ass. What are your plans for the extra on the large ones? He said, “It will simply be there.


He claimed that, given his size, it is only prudent for him to go out with thin women rather than those who are overweight.


Watch the interview with Don Jazzy below:

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