Dr. Likee and Papa Kumasi gave me GHC40 for a movie role – Brother Sammy recalls his ordeal in the film industry

Brother Sammy, a Ghanaian gospel musician, has spoken out about the amount of money offered to certain characters that are new to the movie industry.


It may be remembered that Brother Sammy dabbled in the film industry and appeared in a few films and sketches, but his dream was cut short due to what he called “unfair treatment” of newcomers.


According to him, the low pay for newcomers in the film industry inhibited his desire to pursue a career as an actor.


On UTV’s United Showbiz, Brother Sammy revealed that Dr. Likee, whose real name is Ebenezer Akwasi Antwi, and Papa Kumasi each paid him $40 for roles in their film projects.


According to Brother Sammy, he wondered if the movie producers treated him differently because he is a gospel singer.


Here’s what he had to say about it:


“I’ve been on four movie sets, one of which was led to me by Dr. Likee. I was paid 40 cedis after the production. Because Likee is a friend and a family cousin, I accepted it lightly because of our tight relationship in Kumasi. It’s only been 5 months since this occurred.


“Not long after, Papa Kumasi contacted me to ask me to participate in a film called Chop Box to Chop Box. I took the part of a student. He handed me an envelope containing $40 just as I was going to drive away from the set in my car.


“After that, Tracy Boakye called me to ask me to take a part in a film she was making outside of the nation.” They come to support me when I release my songs, so I accepted. She even made a flight reservation for me. However, I was expected to receive 40 cedis after the shot, but I received nothing as she drove me to the airport and drove away.


“In a same spirit, Bishop Bernard Nyarko, the late actor, took me to a community for a filming. He, on the other hand, increased it to 50.


“So, when I got home, I pondered if they’d made it as actors or if they just don’t think much of me.” So I started calling the actors and actresses I know to see whether that’s how they’re compensated or if it’s because I’m a gospel singer.”

Source :Ghanaweb news online 


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