Dumsor will not return, despite assertions to the contrary – Energy Ministry to Ghanaians

Because of the state of the country’s energy producing capability, the Ministry of Energy has refuted former Power Minister Dr. Kwabena Donkor’s claim that Ghana faces returning to the days of irregular power interruptions known as ‘dumsor.’


At a news conference in Accra, Dr. Donkor cautioned that unless the government takes immediate action, Ghana could revert to its troubled days.


Dr. Donkor believes the problem may reappear since the current government has not considerably increased the country’s energy producing capacity, despite rising demand.


In response, the Electricity Ministry said in a statement that Dr. Donkor’s claim that the NPP government has not increased energy producing capacity “substantially” is false.


According to the Ministry, the pervasive ‘dumsor’ that afflicted the country in the past was caused by poor hydrology caused by over-drafting of hydro dams, insufficient fuel supply to thermal plants, and financial difficulties.


In response to the issue of bad hydrology, the Ministry stated that hydro resources are now being managed prudently, which includes the hybridization of Ghana’s hydro dams.


“The 250MW Bui Solar project, of which 50MW has been commissioned and operationalized, with the next phases underway, is designed to address the Bui Dam’s over-drafting concern.”


In its statement, the Ministry also stated that gas flow is no longer unidirectional under current administration.


“The Takoradi-Tema Interconnection Project (TTIP) ensures the flow of indigenous natural gas from the West to the East, which will power our turbines.” This means that stranded gas is no longer a problem in the western part of the country.”


“Again, when the Tema LNG plant is done, LNG will be imported to boost generation.” As a result, this government has built a total of 421MW of generation capacity. This takes Ghana’s total installed capacity to 5358.50MW, against a current peak demand of 3,469MW reported on March 18, 2022,” the statement continued.


According to the Ministry, there is no possibility that this country would return to the dark days of dumsor, given predicted demand and cautious energy sector management.


“In the future, we urge Dr. Donkor to acquire correct information from the Ministry on this and related matters before making public comments that are not only erroneous, but also have the potential to mislead the public and cause unneeded alarm.” This is due in part to the fact that he is a former Minister of Power, and hence his statements have some weight.”


“We want Ghanaians to know that the Ministry of Energy, led by Hon. Dr. Matthew Opoku Prempeh, is committed to addressing every difficulty in the energy sector’s generating, transmission, and distribution systems.” “We are dedicated to keeping the lights on and the country going,” the statement continued.


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