E-levy will effect your tithes, offerings, and Zakat – Sam George

Samuel Nartey George, Member of Parliament (MP) for Ningo-Prampram, has made another divisive remark about the Electronic Transfer Levy’s implementation (E-Levy).


According to him, the E-levy will have an impact on the payment of tithes, offertories, Zakat, and other religious requirements in its current form.


Payment of those responsibilities has not been addressed under the E-Levy act, according to Sam George, which is a subject of concern given its implementation on Sunday, May 1, 2022.


The NDC MP was speaking to Joy FM in Accra before of the levy’s implementation.


He claims that if churches register as merchants, money to the platform will not be exempted.


“An problem that has not been clarified is the tithe and offertories in the mosque, as well as the Zakat,” he stated. We are aware that we can now make these payments online. Churches are no longer eligible for the exemptions that have previously been granted. A tax-compliant person must hold a Merchant SIM. Tithes, offertories, and Zakat are now tax exempt, according to the law. So, how does a church maintain a Merchant SIM while paying taxes on tithes, offertories, and Zakat, which are not tithed?.”

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