Empress Gifty declares that she is the class prefect of gospel music

Empress Gifty, a gospel singer who claims to be the leader of Ghana’s gospel music business, is showing no signs of backing down.


On Good Friday, April 15, 2022, the ‘Odiyompo’ artist made the claim on ‘Drivetime on Joy.’


She declared herself a game-changer, affirming her non-conformist identity, to host Kofi Hayford.


Empress Gifty also responded to the claim that she is a one-of-a-kind gospel performer with whom colleagues find it difficult to identify.


She asserted, “They shouldn’t [know my path], I have to show them the way, I am their class prefect.”


She aspires to be unique and so has unique goals, according to her.


“The Grammys are the spotlight,” Empress Gifty admitted, “but my colleagues don’t get it.”


Empress Gifty said she is unconcerned about critics, especially because she has learned from the times when she was mocked for using Facebook live and being active on Instagram as a gospel singer.


Many people have labeled her as “too flamboyant” to be a gospel singer, implying that she is more of a secular performer than a traditional gospel singer.


She, on the other hand, dismissed the claim, adding that, contrary to popular belief, she refuses to live a life of hypocrisy.


Empress Gifty is expected to stage her yearly concert, dubbed “The Ressurection Effect Conncert,” in Nungua on May 1 this year, during which she will be joined in song by a number of other musicians.


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