Enough Of The N@nsense! Angry MzGee Descends On TV3 And Others She Described As Jealous Bunch

MzGee, an entertainment pundit, slams her former employer, TV3, and bloggers for continuing to discuss her resignation a year later.


She made it clear that she was not fired by TV3. She quit on her own volition after refusing to engage, and her resignation letter is still on file.

MzGee claims that when she resigned, TV3 published a statement with a copy to bloggers that included the time and date she stopped working for them. She argued that had never occurred in the history of the TV station.


Gloria firmly asserted that she dares TV3 or anyone else who alleges she was fired to present proof to that effect.


Mrs. Acquah continued by saying that TV3 hurriedly sent a statement to bloggers because they were simply afraid that she would be hosting GhoneTV the Monday following her departure.

She came to the conclusion that she had had enough of the rumors that TV3 had fired her. She labeled the people spreading the rumors about her dismissal as the “Jealous Bunch” out of rage.

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