Even ‘gobɛ’ has become expensive — Fameye

According to Fameye, gob3—a.k.a. gari and beans—is no longer a staple of the poor’s diet.


He claimed in a previous radio broadcast that he had been obliged to consume gari and bean-based meals because of the economic situation.


According to him, some misinterpreted his comment as meaning that the meal is less expensive, therefore many people can afford it.


The musician then corrected his remark, claiming he did not want to imply that Gob is for the poor, in an interview with Doreen Avio on Hitz FM.

“Gobɛ is not for poor people. But for some people who do not have [enough] money, it is their companion; I am also from the streets and I feel it.”


“I was like because of the economy I now eat gobɛ. Now even gobɛ, when you have little money, you cannot buy it unless you buy an egg and add it to the gari and beans.”


“…but you need friend plantains too and other accompaniments to make it better,” he added.

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