Fisheries Ministry targets 200,000 youth into fish farming

According to the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development, the Aquaculture for Food and Jobs module aims to train about 200,000 young people to be aquaculture farmers.


This aims to support increasing aquaculture production, support food security, and create more job opportunities along the aquaculture value chain.


Additionally, it aims to promote small-scale fish farming throughout the nation and encourage the private sector to participate more in commercial fish farming through financial incentives.

Fish farming is a valuable agricultural industry in Ghana because to the high demand and low supply, however the youth don’t seem to be showing much interest in the industry.


Other interested parties don’t seem to be aware of the potential of fish farming or its enormous profit margin.


However, Kwesi Armo-Himbson, the chief director of the Fisheries Ministry, hinted at plans by the department to empower about 200,000 young people into fish farming in an interview with Onua TV on November 15.


He claimed that the youth would receive training in aquaculture farming, as well as support and subsidised inputs.

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