From April 30, pharmacists will charge for consultations

Ghanaians may soon be required to pay for consultations at retail pharmacies across the country.


Stakeholders are debating how to design a framework for charging for services like counseling and dispensing.


This consultation fee policy was announced by the Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy (GNCoP), and it will go into effect on April 30, 2022.



The GNCoP’s National Executives announced in a press release on March 23, 2022 that the Chamber will soon “require pharmacists in retail pharmacies to provide proof of professional liability insurance for the services they render on behalf of member companies, as well as proof of their tax obligations to the state as professionals.”



The statement also brought to the attention of its members some crucial national issues.


These include the time-consuming and difficult processes that the GNCoP goes through when dealing with government entities.


“The proliferation of multiple tender paperwork and costs,” the statement stated, “has made doing business with public institutions tedious and expensive.”

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They did suggest, however, that standard tender documents and fees be considered in order to adopt a common form and fees.


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