Ghana Airports Company Limited has had its power supply shut off by ECG due to a debt of ¢49 million

The Ghana Airports Company Limited (GACL) has had its power supply cut off by the National Task Force of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) Limited due to a ¢49 million debt.



The debt is impacting the ECG’s operations, according to Team Lead Nene Shadrack Mase, necessitating the distress action.


The task group expected GACL to pay at least half of the debt, according to Joy Business, but GACL chose to pay ¢1 million instead.


This, according to the ECG, is insufficient to pay off the debt.


Before Monday’s distress action, the task force revealed that the GACL had been given advance warning.


“We gave them notice last Friday, but when we arrived, they [GACL officials] said they didn’t know who we were and were unwilling to cooperate.”


“GACL owes ECG ¢49 million but only wants to pay ¢1 million, which we believe is insufficient given the size of the debt.” We’re hoping for at least half of the debt, if not all of it, and a total of ¢5 million.” The GACL owes ¢49 million for current and previous electricity consumption for six electrical meters, including Terminal 3 and the runways.


Meanwhile, the ECG’s National Taskforce team kept the power on at the Kotoka International Airport’s Terminal 3 and runways.


The head offices and the office complex were among the sites damaged.


According to the task team, power will be restored only if the Ghana Airports Company Limited pays at least half of the outstanding debt.


The task team had gone to the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation earlier to deliver a demand notice for negotiations.


They’ll also pay a visit to the Accra International Conference Center today, as well as other government institutions.


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