Ghana did everything but one mistake changed the game – Inaki Williams after losing to Uruguay

Ghana’s Black Stars have received harsh criticism for their 2-nil loss to Uruguay.

After the team’s captain, Andre Dede Ayew, lost a penalty opportunity, the game that had started well for the Stars finished fairly sadly.


Dede has received harsh criticism from Ghanaians for missing the opportunity to help his country advance from the group stage to the next round of the competition.


Iaki Williams Arthuer, a forward for La Liga club Athletic Bilbao, acknowledged that Ghana’s group is not an easy one when speaking with the media after the game.


The players gave it their all, but luck was not on their side; even in the last game against Uruguay, Ghana did everything right, but one slip-up cost them the match.

When the journalist questioned Inaki about the error, he responded that when Dede missed the penalty, the entire game altered. Check out the video below.

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