Ghana National Cocoa Farmers Association threatens strike against govt

A strike has been threatened by the Ghana National Cocoa Farmers Association due to the government’s ongoing disregard for their welfare.


Stephen Anane Boateng, the president of the association, claims that despite the fact that they are the ones who grow the crops and without whom there would be no COCOBOD, the Ghana COCOBOD has continually failed to put policies into place that will benefit them.

“The sad aspect is that they have no respect for we the cocoa farmers. The same Parliamentary provision that says we should not sell our cocoa farms to anyone, also binds on COCOBOD to implement policies that will cater for our welfare. But COCOBOD is always looking for the welfare of it’s members, rather than we the cocoa farmers,” he bemoaned.

Mr. Boateng expressed concern over the fact that the government consistently ignores them whenever it wants to raise cocoa prices during an appearance on Adom TV’s The Big Agenda show with Nana Osei Ampofo Adjei. Since they are the actual cocoa producers on the ground, they are well aware of the difficulties they face in their line of work.


He asserted that whenever the government wants to raise cocoa prices, it negotiates with other parties while ignoring cocoa producers. Because we work in the field and are aware of the challenges we face in producing cocoa, we believe that the government should engage in direct negotiations with us.

He said that they had written to COCOBOD in August of this year, giving them until the 30th to schedule a meeting with them to discuss cocoa-related concerns, but that request was never fulfilled. He claimed that all of these exhibit the worst disrespect on the part of the government and the Ghana COCOBOD, and that if nothing is done to change it, they will go on strike to protest the government’s ongoing indifference to their needs and unfair treatment.

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