Ghanaians accuse Joselyn Dumas of enhancing her body

Joselyn Dumas, a stunning actress from Ghana, has come under fire for allegedly getting cosmetic surgery to improve her appearance after posting a video of herself working out hard in the gym.

The claims made against Josyely are not surprising because it has become increasingly popular for slay queens and female celebrities to artificially enhance their bodies by enlarging their buttocks and curves.


Although Joselyn Dumas is naturally endowed, these opponents claim that the sudden growth in the size of her buttocks and curves is dubious.

Some have even claimed that she underwent surgery five years ago to enhance her physical look, but none of us suspected her of doing so because liposuction wasn’t extremely common at the time.


Her ardent supporters vehemently disagree, though, and they are defending her in the video’s comments area.


Her supporters assert that, in contrast to Nana Ama McBrown, Kisa Gbekele, Sandra Ankobiah, Salama Mumin, and others, she has a natural body and hasn’t undergone any type of liposuction.

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