Ghana’s return to IMF is a disappointment – OccupyGhana

The government’s decision to seek financial assistance from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has been described as disappointing by the pressure group OccupyGhana .



The group stated in a statement that this move contradicts the incumbent administration’s much-touted ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ policy.

Occupy Ghana letter

Last week, the Akufo-Addo administration formally declared its intention to seek $2 billion from the IMF to support a program.


However, OccupyGhana believes that embezzlement and misappropriation cost Ghana a large portion of its revenue.


As a result, the country “would not require the IMF if the government was serious about recovering these lost and stolen funds and then plugging the holes that allowed them to be lost or stolen in the first place.”

Occupy Ghana letter

“That is why returning to the IMF for a ‘paltry’ $2 billion leaves us with a bitter taste in our mouths.” We would not be submitting to this forced and humiliating ‘Ghana [is not yet] beyond aid’ position if the losses and thefts had not occurred in the first place.

Occupy Ghana letter

Second, we would not be here if we had taken the simple steps of recovering the funds that had been lost or stolen,” parts of the statement read. “How credible is this return to the IMF when the funds we seek are sitting comfortably in the bank accounts and pockets of those who caused us to lose the funds or stole our funds?” the group asked. As a result, the group charged the Auditor-General and Attorney-General Departments with carrying out their duties and ensuring that stolen public funds are recovered for the benefit and growth of the country.

Occupy Ghana letter

“A nation that does not prevent or recover its lost and stolen funds will continue to visit the IMF,” it said.


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