Gov’t must consider organizing a flood festival in Ghana – Bulldog

A well-known artiste manager by the name of Bulldog has proposed the concept of holding an annual “Flood Festival” as a method for a nation to make lemonade out of lemons in the event that it suffers flood damage each year and loses millions of Cedis.


The entertainment critic made the suggestion that given the government’s decision not to deal with the problem, they ought to make financial gain from natural disasters such as floods.


While speaking on Showbiz927 with Caleb Nii Boye on 3FM, Bulldog stated that he will give the tourism ministry with musicians to perform during the flood festival in order to make it more acceptable to the general population.


He established the months of May through July as the ones during which the annual flood festival would be held.


Hanson Asiamah responded that because no one in government is committed to finding a long-term solution to the nation’s flooding problems, he believes that turning the issue into a tourism tool will be rather beneficial. When asked why he would make light of such a serious matter, Hanson Asiamah said that because of this, he believes that making it a tourism tool will be rather beneficial.


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