Halima Abubakar bedridden following her altercation with the Apostle

Earlier today, according to cover source news, Halima Abubakar’s family had criticized Apostle Johnson Suleman as the actress became bedridden.

The clergyman and the actress’ senior colleague, Shan George, have come under fire ever since the actress returned to Instagram after a few weeks away.

If anyone tried to intimidate Halima with pointless messages, she threatened to reveal more secrets on social media.

Halima revealed how she met the renowned minister of God, saying she met him when he was a divorced businessman with three children.

She claimed that because their relationship lasted 11 years ago, she was unaware that he was married at the time.

Halima shared screenshots to back up her claims to disprove the skeptics.

She went on to say that despite the fact that she had been hiding him for years, he now wanted to play with her.

She warned the clergyman to stop bothering her, saying he had been after her for six months.

Halima’s family revealed, in a tragic turn of events, that the actress had fallen ill after her altercation with the Apostle.

Her family warned the clergyman to stay away from her in her Instagram story.

In case anything happened to the actress, her family also issued a threat.

Invoking Johnson Suleman. You’re going down if anything happens to our sister.

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