How a Ghanaian pastor predicted the appreciation of the cedi against the dollar

The Ghana cedi has been rising against the US dollar gradually for the last five days. According to the Bank of Ghana’s interbank rates, the closing rate for yesterday was $1 = GHS 9, while the rate today is $1 = GHS 7.9975. The Ghana cedi had previously been deemed the world’s worst performer when compared to the dollar.


The cedi has recently earned back its reputation by outperforming all other currencies globally when compared to the dollar.


Many people resorted to the internet to criticize the economic management committee and the finance minister for driving the country into a ditch during the steep devaluation of the cedi versus the dollar.

A majority of Ghanaians, including several lawmakers from the NPP and NDC, demanded that Ken Ofori Atta be fired or resign immediately.

Despite the teasing and criticism, a prophet from Ghana by the name of Moses Addo Sampaney told Ghanaians to hold out hope that the cedi will soon appreciate against the dollar.


He made this prediction on October 29th, 2022, and it has come true a month and a half later.


Pastor Moses Addo Sampaney has rapidly gained notoriety online and is receiving a ton of praise on social media.

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