Humble Yourself Let Me Bring You Grammys – Wendy Shay Tells Critics

Wendy Shay is on the verge of winning a Grammy for Ghanaians, but first she wants her detractors to be modest and recognize her work. Wendy is praising critics who have been critical of her performance at the recently concluded VGMAs. “Clearly, there was a technical issue with my band. “At the just concluded VGMA’s, I pulled through with a Thrilling Top Notch performance,” she remarked.


“Vocals, choreography, costume, all on POINT!” said the award-winning Ghanaian singer in a tweet. Despite this, some people continue to dislike us.” Wendy Shay believes that despite all of this, reviewers are not showering her with flowers, and that if this trend continues, she may not win a Grammy for Ghana. “Won’t you guys humble yourselves so that I can take you to the Grammys?” “Ghana, wake up!” she concluded her tweet.

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