I brought a village girl to the city and enrolled her in school, only for her to abandon me in her senior year and elope to the United States with another man – Man laments

A depressed man has turned to social media, specifically Facebook, seeking advice on how to mend his broken heart.


The good-hearted man explained how, six years ago, he took a girl from the village to care for her and marry her after she finished schooling.


Please, sir, I need your assistance. I am a forestry department employee with 30 years of experience. I met this lady in a village where I was doing my duty roughly 6 years ago. She was stunning both on the outside and inside.


This made me fall in love with her, and I brought her to Kumasi with me after the service with her parents’ approval and a small dowry to secure her as my wife just in case.


I assisted her in continuing her studies since I promised her parents that I would assist her in completing her education to the degree she desired. After all these years, life had been easy for her until two years ago, when she completed level two of her tertiary degree. He began to change, and although she was not a fan of makeup, she began to use it.


She didn’t like wearing jeans, trousers, or tiny skirts at first, but she eventually began to do so, despite the fact that she wasn’t dressed as efie abawa. Her humility in clothes is one of the things that makes me adore her even more. I spotted her with a new iPhone 12 Pro Max last year and asked where she got it, to which she replied that it was a birthday gift from a friend. We don’t talk as much as we used to, our sex lives have altered, and she always complains about being exhausted; she only cooks when she wants to.


Last November, when she was in the bathroom, a message flashed on her phone, and upon closer inspection, it was a money transaction for roughly 4000GHC, with a total balance of 21,245GHC in her account. I was taken aback because the wife I knew was a level 4 student who didn’t work or own any business that might bring in that kind of money. I chose not to say anything about it, but when I asked her about it a few days later, she explained it was a donation fund for a project they were collecting at school.


After two weeks, she informed me that she would be flying to Accra to work on a project at the University of Ghana. She phoned me the next morning, but after a few failed attempts to call her in the evening, I gave up. I tried again the next day with no success. It had been days, weeks, and months. Finally, I received a message from a foreign number with a Los Angeles CA country code. It was her, and all she could say was “thank you” for everything she’d done for me. Making me someone in life by bringing me from nothing. But, at this point in my career, I believe you deserve someone greater than me. I’ve been cheating behind your back for far too long, and now I’m so in love with this man that I can’t stop myself from falling in love with him. I’m now two months pregnant for him, and in order to protect the baby and our future, I’ve relocated to America to be with him.


Please understand that I understand that telling you this would shatter your heart, but I can’t keep pretending forever. Find someone better to spend the rest of your life with since nothing good will come from me, even if I am an ungrateful person. Please open my bag and take the 12,000ghc inside; use it for yourself and try not to think about me. Please send the rest of my belongings to my mother, and if she persists on not needing them, burn them.


I’m hoping you’ll be able to forgive me for my ungratefulness.” Her father has become ill as a result of breaking the news to her parents, and he is too ashamed to approach me.

Sir, I’m dying and I’m at a loss for what to do. My heart has been torn apart. Please assist me.


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