‘I charge men GH¢1000 to massage their testicles’ – Massage therapist

A testicular massage therapist has revealed previously unknown information about her job, revealing that she charges GH1000 to massage men’s testicles. Edna Dedei Manetei Ofori-Attah stated that she offers pleasant endings to her male clients who come to her for rubdowns and that ‘they must cum’ in the end.


The therapist told blogger Zionfelix that some people would ‘cum’ merely by seeing her without her touching or doing anything to them.

“An hour with me is ¢ 1000 cedis. The man must cum. You can decide not to but then you will cum during a session with me. The thing is if you are cumming, just let me know so you don’t peep in my hair and mess me up.


“Some people, once you just present yourself, he cums. It’s true, once you present yourself they cum, as if they have had something to do with you in their head before you appear,” she said.

Inquiring about her family and what they think of her career, she stated that some of her family members had abandoned her, whilst others who understood her employment following her explanation had no complaints.

“My mum’s side and my dad’s side are saying the role my family plays in the country is affecting them and I was like I don’t see anything wrong with the job I do because outside the country it a good-paying job and it’s up to you to understand what I do.


“I had to explain my job has given me problems with my family and relationships. Although some have forsaken me, others haven’t,” she added.


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