I don’t want to die – Famed actress says as she announces divorce

Nollywood actress Chacha Eke Faani has declared that she will be ending her marriage of nine years, despite the fact that she has been in denial about her marital problems for the past two years after the news surfaced.


In her most recent post, the mother of four made the announcement that she is finally going to get a divorce from her husband, Austin Faani. She stated that she would rather leave her marriage while still alive than as a corpse.


She said that there have been problems in her supposed paradise, but she feels compelled to act as though everything is fine as she continues to pray and hope that her marriage will improve.


Chacha, on the other hand, has boldly announced on social media that she is finished with her marriage, and she believes that the decision is long overdue. This is due to the fact that the longing change has not occurred.


She mentioned in her post that her husband, parents, physicians, and attorneys are all fully aware of her decision, and that in the event that she becomes incommunicado at any point in the future, the authorities will be required to intervene.


Chacha went on to say that the Welfare Department and the Nigerian Police force have her testimonies recorded as video clips or comments and are planning to make them available to the public via all social media apps and national publications.


The reason for this is that she does not want the truth to be hushed up in the event that “I die or go missing for no apparent reason.”


This would make it the second time in the past two years that she has proclaimed her decision to leave her spouse, whom she has described as torturing her.


A year ago, she published a post in which she claimed that her spouse was emotionally and physically assaulting her.

Chacha Eke Faani and her husband

However, she later recanted her statements and blamed her outbursts on a bipolar disease, despite the fact that her family has confirmed that she is, in fact, being abused.


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