I have what it takes to be president of Ghana – Comedian Michael Blackson

Michael Blackson, an actor and comedian who is of American, Ghanaian, and Liberian descent, has stated that he is qualified to hold the presidency of Ghana.


Michael Blackson suggested during an appearance on the Breakfast Show on GTV that being President is all about delivering what the people want, which is something that he already possesses.



“When it comes to running for president, what I believe and what I think is that people have to want you. You can’t just come out and say that you want to run for president. You are going to have to give folks the impression that they can’t function without you.

Mike we need you, we like what you believe in, we like what you are doing, we know you could be a fantastic president. You’ve, you seem to care about us, to care about everybody, and I believe that is what a real president is all about man. I think that is what a real president is all about. It’s about having compassion for everyone…” he remarked.

He made the statement that the presidency is also founded on the interests of the people, and he is extremely concerned about the wellbeing of the populace.

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