I used my menstrual blood to cook for my boyfriend – Lady shares serious confession story

In actuality, we reside in a wacky universe. No place is cool and secure. Because they do the worst things you can imagine behind your back, the person you least thought to hurt you is exactly the one you should fear.


A lady from Ghana told a pretty strange story, and it’s worth telling so that everyone can gain something from it.


The unidentified woman admitted during a sit-down interview with Ms. Nancy on TV3’s Confession that she cooked meals for her partner using her menstrual blood.


She did that in an attempt to get him to love her exclusively, but that plan went horribly wrong and backfired because her partner instead moved his attention to dating her buddy.

The woman revealed to Ms. Nancy that she had been dating the guy for the previous six months and had even introduced him to her mother.


She claims that her mother told her to pray to God for the relationship to be fruitful, but the advice took on a different meaning.


According to the unnamed Lady, she chose to utilize black magic after seeing a social media advertisement for it in order to convince the man to love her exclusively forever.

She carried out all the rituals, even preparing her lover’s favorite cuisine with her menstrual blood, but the charm was ineffective.


Instead, the man has grown to dislike her, and now he is dating the close friend she confided in after the offensive behavior.

“About 6 months ago, I met this young man, and we liked each other. One thing led to another, and he proposed. I took brought him home. My mum liked him and said I should pray into this and see how it goes.


I was surfing the internet one day and chanced on a lady on TikTok. She said I have this thing I could show you, and your man will never leave you if you do this. 


If you want him to marry you or whatever you want, if you do this, you have him forever.


“I wanted this man for myself. I didn’t want him to share him with anybody. 


So I DM-ed the lady, and she showed me what to do. She asked me to use my menstrual blood to prepare food for my boyfriend to eat. I prepared tomato stew with his favourite ripe plantain.


Fast forward, I told my best friend that this is what I did. But after two months, I noticed my boyfriend giving my best friend attention. 


After I probed, I found out that they were dating. Right now, I don’t know what’s happening because the guy does not want anything to do with me again”

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