It Has Ended In Tears – King Sark And His Wife Allegedly Getting Divorce

The head of the Sarknatives, Sarkodie, and his attractive wife, Tracy, are reportedly divorcing, according to social media reports.


According to Yesghanaonline, a close insider to the Sarks has revealed that the pair may be divorcing shortly.


The couple’s decision to end their marriage is yet unknown.

For the time being, the claim is only a rumour unless Sarkodie or his wife Tracy confirm it!


Furthermore, Sarkodie and his wife have avoided social media drama surrounding their marriage – they have neither been embroiled in any scandal to give us a hint of what is going on.


Meanwhile, some social media users who are still reeling from the tragic news have speculated that the report could be a ploy to promote Sarkodie’s single.


We’re all waiting to see what happens!

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