Joyce Dzidzor Mensah throws subtle jabs at Afia Schwar

In an interview with Sammy Kay, former HIV/AIDS ambassador Joyce Dzidzor Mensah poked fun at the comedienne in a subtle manner, sparking a new spat with the spiteful Afia Schwar. Joyce claims that despite having paid for the car Dr. UN used to “surprise” her the day after their wedding, unlike some famous people (such as Afia Schwar), she did not take out a loan to marry her husband.

Joyce admitted that the viral V8 automobile was an intentional and premeditated ploy to publicize their wedding and garner engagements.


Joyce Mensah asserted that what she did was nothing in comparison to what some female superstars did for their guys when she was called out by the host Sammy Kay for pursuing unnecessary clout.


She stated that we were all living in this nation when a famous person got married using her own funds before later screaming foul and claiming to have taken out a loan.


Even though no names were stated, it is obvious that this is a jab at Afia Schwar.

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