JUSAG replies Mahama for criticising Chief Justice

Former President John Mahama’s persistent criticism of the Chief Justice, according to the Judicial Service Staff Association of Ghana (JUSAG), is unfair.



According to the Association, Chief Justice Anin Yeboah has not altered any court procedures. Alex Nartey, the president of JUSAG, claims this.


The only basis for court rulings, according to Mr. Nartey, is the law.


Such a statement, in my opinion, is unfair to the judiciary. and I believe he should treat the Chief Justice fairly.


“He hasn’t altered any of the protocols. He claimed in an interview with Citi News, situated in Accra, Ghana, on Monday, August 29, “I have not changed any of the laws upon which these decisions are based.In addition, Mr. Nartey pleaded with Mr. Mahama not to criticize the judiciary because of his differences with individual judges.The judge who made that ruling does not lack integrity because you disagree with him or her, Mr. Nartey remarked.


Mr. Mahama recently told a group of NDC lawyers that the judiciary’s reputation is damaged and that it will require a new Chief Justice to restore it.


He claims that the judiciary’s existing leadership lacks the skills necessary to restore its damaged reputation, which is why a new Chief Justice is required.


He argued that maintaining the country’s democracy depends on the judiciary being seen as independent.


The NDC’s presidential candidate for 2020 said that the current judiciary has developed a reputation for being arrogant and unreliable.In order to eliminate the widely held notion of hostility and political bias in legal processes in the highest courts of the land, the Ghanaian judiciary must work urgently to earn the trust and confidence of the populace.


“Unfortunately, we have no faith that the Judiciary’s existing leadership is capable of guiding such a transformational process. We can only hope that the process to restore the damaged reputation that our judiciary has accrued over the past few years would be led by a new Chief Justice, Mr. Mahama stated.


However, the Ghanaian Judicial Service Staff Association has taken issue with these remarks.


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